Number 7 - Gold Foil Air-Filled - 16-inch

Number 7 - Gold Foil Air-Filled - 16-inch

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There are many ways to count 'em blessings with these 10 foil balloon figures. From balloons, we will turn these into the perfect accessory to your party to serve up some WOW at your next event!

Choose a combination of??numbers and letters??to commemorate your event.

While all balloons can be filled with helium, not all balloons will float. 16-inch foil letter and number balloons can only be filled with air as they are not designed to float.

This is because the foil's size is too small to float and the helium volume pumped into it is not enough to lift the weight of the material the balloon is made of. The wonders of science.

Things??to be aware of before you purchase on


  • This is an inflated balloon filled with??air for self-pickup.
  • The air-filled 16-inch foil balloons in numbers and letters shapes are usually stuck onto or hung on the wall.
  • High-quality foils which we guarantee will not leak or flatten out within 24 hours.?? Should they leak, we will replace so that you can leave our store assured that you have in your car, foil letters that won't look limpy at your party.


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  • Please be mindful that once your order comes through, we are not able to accommodate a change of pickup to different store locations.