Happy Birthday Set - Pink Foil Air-Filled - 16-inch

Happy Birthday Set - Pink Foil Air-Filled - 16-inch

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While all balloons can be filled with helium, not all balloons will float. 16-inch foil letter and number balloons can only be filled with air as they are not designed to float.

This is because the foil's size is too small to float and the helium volume pumped into it is not enough to lift the weight of the material the balloon is made of. The wonders of science.

      1. How long will my helium balloons last?

      • Latex 12” 8-9 hrs / tested indoors. (room temperature too high or low, will change the duration of float time)
      • Latex 12” w Hi-FLOAT - 40hrs / tested indoors
      • Foils 18” 3-4days / tested indoors ( brands with XL (Extra Life ) will float approx 3 weeks.
      • Bubbles- 1-2 weeks / tested indoors

      2. Can I pick up helium latex balloons a day before the party?

      • We would advice you have to pick up your helium latex balloons best 2-3 hrs before your party as without Hi-Float, it will only float 8-9 hrs.
      • Hi-Float will only allow your balloon stand for 36-40hours. But Latex balloon will shrink every 1 hour and oxidise.
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